Swift Sport Rallycross Championship

Motorsport Photography of Swift Sport Rallycross at Lydden Hill Rallycross, 2016 by Ian Skelton Photography

What a great way to spend a bank holiday Monday. Shooting photos of the Swift Sport Rallycross Championship at Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent. An early 5:00am start for the drive down to Lydden Hill near Dover. The 2 hours passed quickly & I was soon making my way down to the paddock area. Media credentials checked & my photographer’s tabard issued, I was ready to go off to find the Suzuki Swifts. Today I was taking photos for Peter Gwynne Motorsport, that runs the Swift Sport Rallycross Championship. The aim of the day was to take a mix of On-track photos & shots from around the activity in the paddock area.

First taste of Rallycross…

Even after growing up around Special Stage Rallying, this would be my first time to a rallycross meeting. I remember watching it on TV years ago as a kid, World of Sport with Dickie Davis. (Now I’m showing my age!!!) Short 4 lap races with up to 10 cars on the track at the same time. A mixture of fast tarmac with sections of loose gravel was always exciting to watch.

After the driver’s briefing the first of the practice sessions started. Almost immediately the action began in the paddock as one of the Junior Swift drivers had had an accident during their practice heat.

Rallycross at Lydden Hill, Ian Skelton Motorsport Photography,

It looked pretty bad as it was towed back into the paddock area. The pit crew soon had it back in their bay to start assessing the damage. What I found amazing was how mechanics from other teams all mucked in together to get the car patched up & ready for the first race….you don’t see that in F1

Rallycross at Lydden Hill, Ian Skelton Motorsport Photography,

It was almost non stop action on track from then on. There were 42 races for cars in very different classes to entertain the spectators throughout the day.

Rallycross at Lydden Hill, Ian Skelton Motorsport Photography, Rallycross at Lydden Hill, Ian Skelton Motorsport Photography,

I could see that coming to watch the Swift Sport Rallycross Championship & the other races would be a great day out. I’m sure this won’t be my last trip to Lydden Hill.

To see more photos from the day, just go to

It just remains to say, thank you to Sarah from Peter Gwynne Motorsport for looking after me for the day & the very lovely lunch.