Ferrari Prototype at Silverstone Classic 2017 Media Day, Motorsport Photography by Ian Skelton photography

Silverstone Classic Media Day

Silverstone Classic Media Day, 2017

A lot of the drivers bring their cars along to Silverstone Classic Media Day as a Test Session. A chance to practice & fine tune their set ups for the big event in July. Some celebrity drivers take the opportunity to come along to talk to the Media & for photo calls to promote the races. Sometimes it can be the only time they get to drive the car before the event proper later this year.

Even though there is a very much relaxed atmosphere throughout the garages. Don’t be thinking these cars are here for an afternoon drive around this world famous track. Some were trying very hard…maybe a little too hard at times!!


A whole range of Historic & Classic cars with decades of motorsport history behind them take to the track through the day.

Beautiful old classic cars I had seen the week before at Goodwood Members Meeting. The incredibly fast open wheel racers of the 1960s Brabhams. Right up to the fairly modern cars of BTCC & the awesome Group C Le Mans Prototypes all took their turn to exit the Pit Lane.

The noise & smell of these fantastic machines just get you looking at the calendar to count the weeks until we can enjoy 3 whole days of action!!!

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