F3, ELMS, WEC Silverstone 2018

This year has become a year of firsts for me. Monaco Historic Grand Prix, Le Mans Classic & now the UK’s round of the World Endurance Championships. I was going to be shooting with Mike Fox from New Channel Media at the WEC Silverstone 2018.

Race weekend is actually made up of 3 Championships. The European Formula 3, The ELMS & the WEC 6 Hours of Silverstone 2018. ELMS base themselves in the National Pits while the WEC are housed in the The Wing, The International Pits. The F3s are garaged in the National Pits but use the The Wing Pit Lane during the races. These logistics make it hard for a single photographer to cover properly. Hence the New Channel Media tag team!!!

We split our time between sharing ‘Live Pit Lane’ duties & trackside throughout the weekend. Quick change routine of fireproofs on/off & which of 3 different media bibs for the next shooting location made for a few laughs.  The resulting collection of photos I hope capture the taste & feeling of really exciting race weekend.

European Formula 3…

F3 has for many years been the springboard into F1. World Champions like Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher & many more great drivers had success in F3.This year’s young drivers were no different, battling for every inch on the track in similar specced cars. The best drivers show their huge potential talents in championships like this. Flying the flag was Dan Ticktum & he was flying on track too!

Following in his father’s race boot steps is young Mick Schumacher


As I say, Formula 3 is a massive stepping stone towards F1. There are no women competing in F1 at the moment but maybe it’s not too many years away. The very rapid Sophia Florsch could be the first…you never know!

ELMS – European Le Mans Series…

In the F3 races, all the action happens out on track. The cars only ever come into the pits if they have a problem. With Endurance Racing, the Pit Lane is as much part of the race as the action on track.

Over the 4 hour race these sleek carbon fibre bodied cars would make serval visits into the pits.

Pit Crews waited for their car to appear before exposing into action refuelling, changing tyres or driver swaps. Before they blast out again back on to the track…

Alongside the Le Mans Prototype bodied cars there is also the GT class competing. Ferraris & Porsche 911s a more convention looking race car to the familiar shape to cars seen on our roads.

WEC – World Endurance Championship…

As with ELMS, the WEC is an endurance 6 hour race. Pit crews are a vital part of your race strategy. No stone is left unturned & practice, like everything else, makes perfect. Here we see the Aston Martin Team practicing their tyre changes ready for race day.

I thought the ELMS cars were quick….these LMP1 cars in the WEC are in another league. Wide & low these cars appear to be on rails as they fly through the corners around the Silverstone circuit.

The WEC attracts some of the world’s best drivers. Former F1 World Champions Fernando Alonso & Jenson Button relish the challenge of a different discipline.

Out on track the action was still in full swing. The LMP1 cars just ahead of the LMP2, LMP3 & the GT cars. The cornering speed of all classes was incredible to watch.

Pieces of rubber ‘marbles’ fly from the tyres under cornering forces.

Over 6 hours of racing it’s amazing to see the tyre debris building up off the racing line. Just imagine what Le Mans looks like after 24 Hours!!!

For a larger selection of my images from the F3, ELMS, WEC Silverstone 2018