2018 Goodwood Revival weekend

My favourite event of the year..

The 2018 Goodwood Revival weekend is my absolute favourite event of the year. One of the first to go into my motorsport calendar as soon as the dates are released.

This fantastic event shares a lot with the Silverstone Classic. Hundreds of rare and priceless cars, from historic yesteryear of motorsport. As if that wasn’t enough, add in the fantastic 1940s – 60s period dress worn by the vast majority of the spectating crowds. There is no other atmosphere like the Goodwood Revival weekend.


This year I was away & so missed the Friday Practice/Qualifying Day. So it was straight off the plane Friday night. Grab a few hours kip before up silly o’clock & off in the car for the drive to the circuit.

I love the small details make Goodwood Revival so special. The cars are pushed down Tow Road to the assembly paddock. Throw a sepia edit over this shot & if you missed the GoPro fixed to the crash hoop… it really could be a photo from the 1950s.

Enough of the sepia nostalgia, lets get back to the action. Out on track as ever there was no lack of commitment through the chicane.

Growing up as a kid, we were into rallying as a family. Motorbikes was never really my thing. Since I’ve got into Historic Motorsport I quite enjoy watching this lovely old bikes.

bike racers at Goodwood Revival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

I love the access to the cars in the paddock at Goodwood Revival. These beautiful cars are all different unlike modern race cars that seem the same bar the colour schemes.

The pioneering engineers years ago make me smile…. I’d love to know the thought process when somebody had the idea of taking an aircraft engine & bolting it to a bike frame!!!


After last year, when I had been lucky to be given a spare ticket. This year there was no chances being taken, I had already bought Mrs S a ticket for Sunday. She is not a massive motor racing fan, though she does like to watch Nick Padmore in his races. Its the costumes & the dancing that make Goodwood Revival a great atmosphere for her. Her total number of events stands at 3, Revival 2017, Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018 & now Revival 2018. I feel I may have set this bar a tad high!!!

As always I have half an eye on Nick Padmore. He was as quick as ever a round this circuit he knows so well. This year he had a great run in the Lotus T16s starting 3rd on the grid.

He led for a lot of the race, but 1 missed gear change dropped him to 2nd place. Here he lights up the rear tyres at the start of his parade lap…. bloomin’ hooligan!!!

One day I will go to Goodwood Revival when I’m not working & take time to enjoy it for myself. Oh… & Mrs S has said already she wants to go again she enjoyed it so much!

Please enjoy a larger collection of photos from the event