I’m a Freelance Motorsport Photographer, based in Middlesex, near London…

Ever since I was young, I have always loved photos & photography. How many times have you found yourself looking at a stunning image saying, “I wish I’d taken that…” Well, the ‘Shutter Bug’ bit me & I strive every day to be the person that took ‘that’ photo!!

I grew up in a rallying family. Standing in a freezing cold Radnor Forest on the Lombard RAC Rally (Showing my age a bit there!!) Huddled into my Mum’s coat waiting for the spotlights of Car 1 to blast into view. When I was old enough I navigated for my Dad in a flying machine of a V8 Rover SD1. Then I moved across to the driver’s seat, firstly in a Ford Escort Mk1, followed by 2 seasons in Skoda Trophy Championship. Culminating in bringing home a very battered Skoda Favorit after 4 days on the 1994 Network Q RAC Rally. A young family took what rally budget I had, but I kept in the sport in other ways. I helped run various rally cars for my brother Nick Skelton, the really quick one of the family (…but don’t tell him I said so!!)

I feel this has given me a big insight in to what is inside a Driver’s head. Now as a motorsport photographer, I shoot in a photojournalist reportage style to let other people feel that too. Looking for the concentration in a driver’s eyes searching out the line through the bend. The Service crew desperately trying to rebuild the car when the driver didn’t quite pick the right one!! …. and the ‘Trying Marks’ where he just couldn’t go any faster! Laughter as the crew relive just getting away with it … Action & Emotion!

Off the track…We all love to see exciting motorsport photography. Cars being driven at their absolute limits be it on the smooth tarmac of Silverstone race track. Or sideways fighting for grip on a forest track on the Wales Rally GB. Obviously capturing these images is a major part of my job as a motorsport photographer. I like to search out those powerful images that happen off track too. The face of a young fan in the paddock sat in his hero’s car, a memory he’ll never forget. Spectators trudging along a muddy stage or mechanics taking a well earned break in the Service Area.  All important elements to the story in motorsport photography.

The action & emotion captured in my motorsport photography produce stunning photos that I hope tell a story. Powerful images assets for teams & their sponsors. Eye catching driver portraits to support a magazine editorial. Be it the WRC, a single venue airfield rally, BTCC, Classic Car or Historic F1 racing, Track days on 4 or 2 wheels. We work closely together to create the images you need.

If like my style of motorsport photography & would like to find out more…

Let’s have a chat by email, over the phone, FaceTime or meet up for a coffee, whatever is easier for you. Together we can work out what you need & how we can achieve great results