24 Hours of Le Mans 2017

Original plans to cover the event had fallen through when Media/Photo accreditation was oversubscribed. I had settled my mind that I would try again in 2018, when a late night text on the Sunday before changed all that. I was offered a fantastic set of entry tickets by Mike at New channel Media  The next few hours were spent on ‘tinternet’ booking a slot on the train & trying to find accommodation…. I was going to take photos at the 24 hours of Le Mans 2017!

The resulting collection of photos I hope capture the taste & feeling of the world longest Motorsport Endurance Race. All images were taken from areas that are available to general public with various ticket & wrist bands that can be bought…. No special Media Only Passes were harmed in the making of this collection!!

I was physically wrecked by the end of the 4 day shoot but throughly enjoyed it & can’t wait to find out if I can cover 2018 …. I have loads more ideas for photos I want to take! I hope you enjoy looking through my collection as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.