Abingdon CARnival Rally 2016

The Abingdon CARnival Rally is held every year on Dalton Barracks Military base in Oxfordshire. Always a favourite with the crews, this rally is one of the first events to go into a lot of team’s calendars. The Abingdon CARnival Rally 2016 was as popular as ever & the entry list was full in no time at all.  A wide range of motorsport machinery is brought together for this unique event held over the 2 day weekend. Firstly the event about motorsport & competitors take it very seriously, it is also about raising much needed funds for local charities.

The Saturday’s events are made up of Sprints & Auto-Tests. Many teams camp overnight on the airfield to enjoy the entertainments laid on in the tented village. Under canvas the crews get some sleep before being up early for the Rally on Sunday.

The 8 special stages follow a route of tight twisty section in front of the spectators. Before opening up into the high speed straights of the runways. Always guaranteed to produce some real exciting action. The odd bit of bent bodywork is never too far away on the demanding mostly tarmac roads around the base.

Dalton Barracks is an operational military base. As a result spectators & Professional Motorsport Photographers alike are confined to a fenced off area. Therefore different & interesting photo locations are very limited on this event. Consequently, shooting through the chain link fencing, feint lines are often visible in the photos.

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