Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally

The Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally forms part of the Motorsport News Circuits Rally Championship for 2018. This is a very popular rally championship & some fantastic machinery had made the trip to Lincolnshire for the event.

This would be my first visit to Cadwell Park & I was looking forward to seeing what the circuit had in store. I had watched a lot of video clips on YouTube & it certain looked like it could produce some great photos. The photography this time would be only part of my day rather than the actual reason I was attending. My brother Nick Skelton was making a return to rallying after a 15 year break. So today I would very much have my Big Brother ‘spectator head’ on!!

Many years ago in a ‘former life’ Nick had navigated for me on a few rallies. He then got his own car & we ran as a 2 car team for a season in Skoda Trophy. I retired from driving competitively & helped in the Service Crew. Nick went on to drive several different rally cars over the next few years. Winning the Diahatsu Charade Rally Championship along the way. He is definitely the quick one of the family…..(but don’t tell him I said that!!)

The day dawned grey but dry & promised a good start for the first stage for Nick to find his feet again. Unfortunately a car 2 cars ahead of Nick had a massive crash on the bend I was spectating at, closing the stage. A car went off into a fence causing a length of it to go through the windscreen!! Thankfully both the driver & co-driver were unhurt in what must have been very frightening for them.

8 more stages remained through the day with ever worsening weather. Nick drove brilliantly & brought the Escort home in 29th Overall, 8th in Class. Well done R Kid, on to Abingdon CARnival in August.

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