Daytona Go Karts Sandown Park

A return visit to a client for golf photos turned into an impromptu motorsport shoot at Daytona Go Karts Sandown Park

This week I had the pleasure of returning to the Dominic Toms Golf Academy at their Sandown Park Golf Centre HQ. I was there to take some more photos for their website in readiness for the launch of their new Trackman Studio. All went well with new coaching team profiles & we finished ahead of time. Made plans to return next week to shoot the evening floodlit shots of the driving range & studio, see Client Galleries. Walking back to the car I could hear engines coming from behind high hedges over the far side of the car park.

Where’s those engines coming from…

The engine noise turned out to be Go karts flying around the track at Daytona Go Karts Sandown Park. So as I had some time to spare I went over to see if I could get a few photos… Seemed rude not to!!

First of all, find the track manager…. I explained who I was & that I had overheard the karts while working across at the golf range. “Would it be possible to take a few photos of the next session on track. They would great photos for my website & send you a few photos as a thank you!”

Insurance paperwork formalities complete, I was soon kitted out with a HiVis vest. After a quick briefing on where I could & couldn’t go to take my photos….I was off!

I then spent the next hour or so finding great angles to photography the go karts racing past. A couple of drivers were absolutely flying!! I had a great time trying to capture shots of their battle. So thank you to one driver, Mark Priddy in his Spindrift Media race wear, for driving the wheel off it for me!!!

Also thank you Pat & his team at Daytona Go Karts for being so helpful to me when I turned up out of the blue. I hope you enjoy looking at the small selection of photos I took at your track.

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