Donington Park Rally 2016

Competitors woke up to a frosty morning for the start of the Donington Park Rally 2016. The last time I was at Donington Park racing circuit was in 1994. That time I was strapped into the driving seat of a Skoda Favorit Group N rally car. Finally fulfilling a childhood dream of taking part in the Network Q RAC Rally. In the crowd that day were my Mum & Dad proudly watching as I achieved my ambition to drive in the World Rally Championship. 22 years later I was back again for another rally, this time it was me proudly watching my Dad.

This was Dad’s first outing in his Mk1 Escort since a major rebuild to the engine & gearbox by the team at ITG Motorsport. My Mum had decided to join me for the day… well it was Mother’s Day & she fancied a day out !!!

Time to find a view point…

Unfortunately I had not been able to acquire a Photo/Media pass from the organisers of the event. So I would have to satisfy myself finding different view points from behind the safety barriers with the other spectators. I like to find different angles for my motorsport photography, not always possible when shooting through chain linked fencing.

Using a racing circuit for 1 stage as part of a rally is not unusual. Hosting the whole rally on a racing circuit is pretty unique though. Donington Park tried it out last year to great success. So it was encouraging to see even larger crowds turning out for the 2016 event. Lots of spectators came to watch rally cars flying through the famous Craner Curves & Melbourne Hairpin, despite the bitter cold.

Grining from ear to ear, as he took his helmet off at the end of stage 6. “Flat in 6th gear through Craner has certainly put a tick on my bucket list” Dad declared. All that remained was Dad to bring the Escort safely back from stages 7 & 8 for a well earned finish. Give it a wash, dip the oil & it would be ready for its next event.

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