Hampton Court Palace, Concours of Elegance 2017

Held within the stunning grounds of Hampton Court Palace, Concours of Elegance 2017 will once again bring together a selection of 60 of the rarest cars from around the world. Many of which will never have been seen before in the UK.


The 3 day event begins on Friday with the ‘Grand Arrival’ as these fantastic cars drive through Home Park to take their place inside the palace grounds. It is quite something to see these stunning examples of yesteryear engineering make their way along the gravel driveways.


Saturday sees cars from the Aston Martin & Jaguar owners’ clubs, arrive & park along the gravel drive on public display. What looked like a never-ending row of lovingly cherished ‘pride & joys’ Aston Martins stretch into the distance. It is clear to see the passion these owners have poured into their cars. the attention to detail is amazing. One proud owner told me it takes him 4.5hrs just to polish the radiator grille on his Rolls Royce!!!


Sunday concludes with the sight & not forgetting the sound of those 60 classic engines firing up before making their way back down the gravel drive, through the gate & away through Home Park. It is a sight & sound to stay with me for quite some time. Here’s looking forward to the next time I’m privileged enough to be invited to take photos of these wonderful cars.

I hope you enjoy looking through this collection of some of my favourite photos from this very special event.

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