Motorsport Portraits

There are many forms of motorsport out there for us to enjoy. A major part Motorsport Photography for me is not only capturing the action but people around that action. The drivers, the mechanics & the spectators all are just as important to me as a Motorsport Photographer.

Relaxed style…

My style of Motorsport Portrait Photography is not about set ups & posing. I like to take ‘real’ photos of ‘real’ people in ‘real’ time. I am as happy walking around the Service Area or Pit Garages as I am on the trackside. Watching the mechanics calmly preparing a racing car for Qualifying or franticly trying to rebuild a rally car to get it out for the next stage. A young spectator excitedly meeting his hero driver or the Marshall’s face still in awe of the noise of a Group C car leaving the paddock. There are portraits everywhere if we just take the time to look

Please get in touch…

If you like my style of motorsport photography & would like fantastic images of yourself, or your team, shooting the action, the story & the people that make it special? Please get in touch via the Contact page .

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