Silverstone Classic 2016

The Silverstone Classic 2016 is largest Classic Motor Racing Festival in the world. It attracts over 100,000 visitors over the 3 day weekend event.

More than 1,000 of the most valuable and revered competition cars from yesteryear attend the meeting. They compete over 20 races held around the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, often resulting in fierce competitive wheel to wheel action. Some of these cars are worth millions of pounds, yet this doesn’t stop their drivers driving hard for the that covered top step on the podium.

Plenty to see…

There is plenty to see & do over these 3 days, both on & off the track. Many owners clubs attend the meeting bringing along their cherished cars to put on display. You can find anything from old car parts, models of yesteryear, magazine collections to motorsport memorabilia, in the tented merchandise village. If it’s driving you’ve come to seen, then you will be entertained for every minute of the day. There are driving demonstrations & parades as well as all the high speed action on the track. Plenty of motorsport photography opportunities for the professional & amateur motorsport photographer alike.

My Highlights…

One of the highlights for me was the spectacular Le Mans style Group C cars. The noise they make is a delight in itself. In addition to the fact that their 50 minute race starts late in the afternoon, the flame spitting exhausts in the dark is simply awesome!! Bright red glow from their brake discs is clearly visible as the brake hard into Luffield.

I was grateful to be asked along to photography the event by Mark from Spindrift Media, with some of my time spent attached to Masters Historic F1 driver Nick Padmore, driving the Williams FW07C. Having such close access to Nick & his team at WDK Motorsport was great to watch the mechanics prep the cars ahead of the races.

I hope you enjoy looking through this collection of photos from the meeting.

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