Goodwood Revival weekend 2019

Fantastic… it’s Goodwood Revival time again!!

I know I say this every time but the Goodwood Revival weekend is my absolute favourite event of the year. As soon as the dates are released, they go straight into my motorsport calendar.


I was away last year & missed the Friday Practice/Qualifying Day. Diary cleared I made sure I wasn’t going to miss it this year. I was soooooo glad I did to…

Friday is mostly given over to Practice & Qualifying for the Saturday & Sunday race days. However the end of the day what is widely recognised as probably the most expensive grid in the world, The Kinrara Trophy takes to the track. A field made up of the likes of Ferrari 250GT SWBs, Aston Martin DB4s, AC Cobras, Jaguar E & D-Types is an awesome sight. Starting late in the day, the hour long 2-Driver race runs into the sunset. Some years it can be ok… other years, as it was this year, the light is simply stunning!!!!

Ferrai 250GT SWB at sunset

Tom Kistensen driving Joe Macari’s 1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB/C turns in at Woodcote during Kinrara Trophy 2019

This year Bentley Motors are celebrating 100 years. To mark the occasion 30 ‘Pre-War’ Bentleys would compete in the Brooklands Trophy. These lovely old cars were garaged opposite the Media Centre. Normally I head home straight after the Kinrara Trophy race. This year I decided to go back into the paddock after last light  photograph these ‘sleeping giants’.

Pre War Bentleys after dark

Brooklands Trophy for Pre-War Bentley sports cars

The paddock takes on a whole new life form after dark. I shall definitely be adding it to my shooting plans for future Goodwood Revival visits.


There is no other race meeting I can think of that has the atmosphere like the Goodwood Revival weekend. The paddock swaps its high tech modern day corporate branding for flap caps & overalls of the 1950s

Mechanic with fingers in ears

Time to warm up the engines

All around the circuit Goodwood support staff & ‘character’ performers add to the fantastic 1940s – 60s period dress worn by so many of the spectators.

Policeman gets boots cleaned

PC stops to get his boots polished

Out on the circuit, Practice/Qualifying was well underway. 100s of priceless racing cars & motorbikes would compete in 16 races over the weekend. Already there was plenty of exciting action to entertain the crowds.

Racing car through dust

Nick Padmore in the 1958 Lotus-Climax 16

racing cars smoke tyres

Race cars launch of the grid in a cloud of rubber smoke


I have never owned a motorbike & only ever ridden one once. That was only round a small carpark… not for me! However I think some of these old historic racing bikes are lovely to look at. Boyyyyyy do they make a fantastic noise in the hands of the riders!

This year we were treated to former MotoGP superstar Dani Pedrosa making his Historic Racing debut. Partnered up with Joaquin Folch-Rusinol Jnr in The Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy. Together they squeezed every last drop of performance from the 1966 Hannah-Paton 500.

Dani Pedrosa

Dani Pedrosa on the 1966 Hannah-Paton 500

Rider change over

Slick rider change-over in the Pit Lane

As the 3 day weekend came to a close with the Freddie  March Memorial Trophy. Across the Road spectators enjoyed the last rides on the funfair for another year.

night time funfair

Night time funfair Across The Road

Same place same time next year?….. Oh go on then, you talked me into it!!!

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2019 Silverstone Classic

These July, August, September months are always a busy time in my calendar. The events come thick & fast, one straight into another sometimes…. LOVE IT!!!

It’s July, so it’s time for the Silverstone Classic. One of my favourite events of the year & The 2019 Silverstone Classic weekend never disappoints.

This year there was the 100 years milestone of Bentley Motors to celebrate. Guaranteeing some lovely old BRG Bentleys on track.

Celebrating 100 years of Bentley Motors, the 1929 4.5ltr Blower GP8242

Almost 50 years to the day Sir Jackie Stewart drove this Matra MS80-02 to victory here in the 1969 British Grand Prix.

Sir Jackie Stewart

It was great to see him reunited with the car & pop in a couple of quick laps in front of his admiring fans

Sir Jackie Stewart heads out in the Matra MS80-02

Another celebration race this year’s the crowds would be treated to, was a massive grid of 60 Mini Cooper Ss. Wheel to wheel close racing, lead swapping mid bend for lap after lap was brilliant to watch.

The very quick Aston Martin WEC driver Darren Turner on his was to victory

The Masters Historic Racing Series, Endurance Legends returned for their now traditional end to Saturday slot. To add to the Bentley theme the Le Mans winning Bentley Speed Eight made its UK competitive racing debut

Shaun Lynn in his 2003 Bentley Speed Eight

These awesome flame spitting Le Mans beasts promised & delivered their fantastic spectacle as the light faded.

The Dallara SP1 spiiting flames into Village

It really is no surprise the action on & off track has made the Silverstone Classic the massive success its become. The worlds largest Classic Car racing festival!

British Classics – The Mini Cooper S & the Raleigh Chopper (I had a red one…I’ll let you decide which!!)

Silverstone Classic really is a highlight of my photography season & already looking forward to what 2020 has in store…. after all it’s their 30th Anniversary!!!

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Goodwood Members Meeting 2019 – 77MM

The Goodwood Members Meeting & Revival weekend are my absolute favourite events of the year. Goodwood has a unique atmosphere which comes from its ability to feel almost trapped in time. I always feel somehow transported back to those pioneering days of British Motor Racing. This year, the Goodwood Members Meeting 2019 – 77MM, made a special celebration for 60 years of the Mini…. & spectacular it was too!

In the Paddock as ever there were some stunning racing cars at every point you cared to look. Access & respect for these cars is unprecedented. Spectators are able to spend time chatting to drivers & mechanics, looking at the detail of these historic racing beauties.

Mechanic working on a Mini

It just needs a little tap!!

It always makes me smile how craftsmanship from yesteryear is still in use today… though perhaps starting to show the odd sign of wear & tear!!

Goodwood Members Meeting – 77MM had a great mix of old & slightly more modern racing cars. Some old & very popular favourites…

Flame spitting Beast of Turin

Were joined by some equally dramatic more modern newcomers….


The quickest 30 Minis from the previous day’s 2 Qualifying Sessions would form up the grid for today’s Betty Richmond Trophy. What a race it turned out to be too! 15 or so laps of the Goodwood track treated us to incredible ‘door handle’ to ‘door handle’ racing.

Mini on race track

Late afternoon sun creates a great silhouette

Amazing trust & respect from the drivers meant at times there was barely a cigarette paper between them… but not a mark on the paintwork to show for it. Proper committed racing, how it should be done (rant over!!) You could see the drivers enjoyed the battle as much as we did.

Racing drivers embrace

Nick Padmore & Nick Swift celebrate a hard fought battle

I hope you enjoy looking through this collection of some of my favourite photos from this very special event.


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2018 Goodwood Revival weekend

My favourite event of the year..

The 2018 Goodwood Revival weekend is my absolute favourite event of the year. One of the first to go into my motorsport calendar as soon as the dates are released.

This fantastic event shares a lot with the Silverstone Classic. Hundreds of rare and priceless cars, from historic yesteryear of motorsport. As if that wasn’t enough, add in the fantastic 1940s – 60s period dress worn by the vast majority of the spectating crowds. There is no other atmosphere like the Goodwood Revival weekend.


This year I was away & so missed the Friday Practice/Qualifying Day. So it was straight off the plane Friday night. Grab a few hours kip before up silly o’clock & off in the car for the drive to the circuit.

I love the small details make Goodwood Revival so special. The cars are pushed down Tow Road to the assembly paddock. Throw a sepia edit over this shot & if you missed the GoPro fixed to the crash hoop… it really could be a photo from the 1950s.

Enough of the sepia nostalgia, lets get back to the action. Out on track as ever there was no lack of commitment through the chicane.

Growing up as a kid, we were into rallying as a family. Motorbikes was never really my thing. Since I’ve got into Historic Motorsport I quite enjoy watching this lovely old bikes.

bike racers at Goodwood Revival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

I love the access to the cars in the paddock at Goodwood Revival. These beautiful cars are all different unlike modern race cars that seem the same bar the colour schemes.

The pioneering engineers years ago make me smile…. I’d love to know the thought process when somebody had the idea of taking an aircraft engine & bolting it to a bike frame!!!


After last year, when I had been lucky to be given a spare ticket. This year there was no chances being taken, I had already bought Mrs S a ticket for Sunday. She is not a massive motor racing fan, though she does like to watch Nick Padmore in his races. Its the costumes & the dancing that make Goodwood Revival a great atmosphere for her. Her total number of events stands at 3, Revival 2017, Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018 & now Revival 2018. I feel I may have set this bar a tad high!!!

As always I have half an eye on Nick Padmore. He was as quick as ever a round this circuit he knows so well. This year he had a great run in the Lotus T16s starting 3rd on the grid.

He led for a lot of the race, but 1 missed gear change dropped him to 2nd place. Here he lights up the rear tyres at the start of his parade lap…. bloomin’ hooligan!!!

One day I will go to Goodwood Revival when I’m not working & take time to enjoy it for myself. Oh… & Mrs S has said already she wants to go again she enjoyed it so much!

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F3, ELMS, WEC Silverstone 2018

This year has become a year of firsts for me. Monaco Historic Grand Prix, Le Mans Classic & now the UK’s round of the World Endurance Championships. I was going to be shooting with Mike Fox from New Channel Media at the WEC Silverstone 2018.

Race weekend is actually made up of 3 Championships. The European Formula 3, The ELMS & the WEC 6 Hours of Silverstone 2018. ELMS base themselves in the National Pits while the WEC are housed in the The Wing, The International Pits. The F3s are garaged in the National Pits but use the The Wing Pit Lane during the races. These logistics make it hard for a single photographer to cover properly. Hence the New Channel Media tag team!!!

We split our time between sharing ‘Live Pit Lane’ duties & trackside throughout the weekend. Quick change routine of fireproofs on/off & which of 3 different media bibs for the next shooting location made for a few laughs.  The resulting collection of photos I hope capture the taste & feeling of really exciting race weekend.

European Formula 3…

F3 has for many years been the springboard into F1. World Champions like Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher & many more great drivers had success in F3.This year’s young drivers were no different, battling for every inch on the track in similar specced cars. The best drivers show their huge potential talents in championships like this. Flying the flag was Dan Ticktum & he was flying on track too!

Following in his father’s race boot steps is young Mick Schumacher


As I say, Formula 3 is a massive stepping stone towards F1. There are no women competing in F1 at the moment but maybe it’s not too many years away. The very rapid Sophia Florsch could be the first…you never know!

ELMS – European Le Mans Series…

In the F3 races, all the action happens out on track. The cars only ever come into the pits if they have a problem. With Endurance Racing, the Pit Lane is as much part of the race as the action on track.

Over the 4 hour race these sleek carbon fibre bodied cars would make serval visits into the pits.

Pit Crews waited for their car to appear before exposing into action refuelling, changing tyres or driver swaps. Before they blast out again back on to the track…

Alongside the Le Mans Prototype bodied cars there is also the GT class competing. Ferraris & Porsche 911s a more convention looking race car to the familiar shape to cars seen on our roads.

WEC – World Endurance Championship…

As with ELMS, the WEC is an endurance 6 hour race. Pit crews are a vital part of your race strategy. No stone is left unturned & practice, like everything else, makes perfect. Here we see the Aston Martin Team practicing their tyre changes ready for race day.

I thought the ELMS cars were quick….these LMP1 cars in the WEC are in another league. Wide & low these cars appear to be on rails as they fly through the corners around the Silverstone circuit.

The WEC attracts some of the world’s best drivers. Former F1 World Champions Fernando Alonso & Jenson Button relish the challenge of a different discipline.

Out on track the action was still in full swing. The LMP1 cars just ahead of the LMP2, LMP3 & the GT cars. The cornering speed of all classes was incredible to watch.

Pieces of rubber ‘marbles’ fly from the tyres under cornering forces.

Over 6 hours of racing it’s amazing to see the tyre debris building up off the racing line. Just imagine what Le Mans looks like after 24 Hours!!!

For a larger selection of my images from the F3, ELMS, WEC Silverstone 2018

2018 Silverstone Classic

The calendar always gets busy this time of year, events come thick & fast. It’s July, so it’s time for the Silverstone Classic. One of my favourite events of the year & The 2018 Silverstone Classic weekend didn’t disappoint.

I was in the garage again with the mechanics from Forza Historic Racing Team. I love to watch them working on these lovely Historic F1 cars.

Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

Historic F1 cars at Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton PhotographyMax (Fittipaldi F5A), Nick (Williams FW07) & Phil (Theodore TR1) head down the Pit Lane

This year the crowd favourite Group C cars had been replaced by the new Endurance Legends as part of the Masters Historic Racing series. These awesome flame spitting Le Mans beasts promised to be equally fantastic spectacle 

Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

The rain during the Group C races last year deprived us of the sight of growing brake discs. No such problem this year!

Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

It really is no surprise the action on & off track has made the Silverstone Classic the massive success its become. The worlds largest Classic Car racing festival!

Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

Crash helmet design at Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton PhotographyRickard Rydell locks the rear wheel braking into the Village complex

Silverstone Classic 2018 on Friday 20 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton PhotographyEarly race cars weren’t much more than a seat & a steering wheel for protection…brave boys!

Silverstone Classic creates a great atmosphere with fantastic close wheel racing on the track. Spectators love the close access they get to look around the cars. It really is a highlight of my photography season, & already looking forward to what 2019 has in store.

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of the 2018 Silverstone Classic. Please find a larger collection of photos from the event in Galleries or 

Le Mans Classic 2018

Le Mans Classic 2018

2018 season has been a year of firsts for me. Some of the photo shoots have been outstanding & non more so than the Le Mans Classic 2018. Having been there last year for the modern 24Hour Le Mans race, I was really looking forward to seeing the difference.

The format is slightly different in that there are a series of races, rather than 1 race lasting 24 hours. The races were for 6 different ‘Grids’ of cars. These ‘grids’ have cars from different years competing against others from their period. Each car would compete in daytime & nightime races over the 24 hours of racing.

As the grids progress through the year periods, the cars become more modern. The sleek areodynamic lines look more like the cars we see in the 24 Hrs of Le Mans.

Group C Porsche in the Le Mans Classic 2018 Motorsport photography by Ian Skelton Photography

Group C Porsche in the Le Mans Classic 2018 on Friday 06 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

There is an incredible atmosphere in the circuit paddocks, drivers getting into the Old-timers spirit. The night time races brings its own atmosphere, the Pit Lane is still alive in the dead of night…

the Le Mans Classic 2018 on Friday 06 July 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

The Le Mans Classic shares a special event with the Goodwood Revival Setterington Cup. Little Big Mans is a race for youngsters in some glorious miniature classic race cars. It’s a great sight as they do they traditional ‘Le Mans Start’ before heading off up the track.

The noise & smell of these fantastic machines just takes you back to a golden age of motor racing. It is going to feel a long wait before the 2 years is up for this fantastic event to come around a again!!!


To see a larger collection of my photos from the Le Mans Classic 2018 please


Spa Summer Classic 2018

Spa Summer Classic 2018

The Spa Summer Classic 2018 is a great Classic Motor Racing Festival held at one of the popular race tracks in Europe. It attracts many visitors over the relaxed 3 day race weekend event.

This was my first time to the famous Spa-Francorchamp circuit in Belgium. I was looking forward to seeing the iconic hairpin right of La Source.

The flat-out bravery through probably the most famous corner, the Eau Rouge / Radillion combination. Where the exit is blind over a crest…. that takes some serious ‘cojones’ to keep the right foot to the floor through there!! To be fair the whole circuit is noteworthy & for that reason many Formula 1 drivers have ranked it among their very favorites.

Measuring nearly 4.5 miles in length, Spa is also one of the longest F1 race circuits in the current calender. It may be long but Spa is a fast track as well, with only two slow corners. The rest consisting of straights or long, sweeping bends makes it a real drivers circuit.

I was there to cover the Caterham Series for a photographer who had to drop out last minute. Part of my brief was to cover several locations on the circuit during each Caterham race. I can tell you now, watching on TV, you don’t realise the gradient between Raidillon & La Source. The fastest I ever did it was 7.5 minutes, with a brief few seconds shooting as the cars came back round & down the Old Pit Straight. The length of the track certainly helped give me time to change locations. Though by the time I had run up that hill, I’m not sure I was in a fit condition to squeeze the trigger!!!

Sadly I knew I would be unable to share those images. So, once my commitments were safely in the bag, I had a little to shoot one or two frames of the other races. Seemed a good time to have a little fun with Slow Shutterspeeds

for a small collection from The Spa Summer Classic 2018, I hope you like them!!!

Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018

Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018

Back in March it was The Masters Historic Racing Test Day at Brands Hatch. Now it was time for the main event….The Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018.

As promised earlier in the year, The Masters Historic Racing championships have added a new race series. We have crowd favourites, the awesome DFV engine noise & open wheel racing of the Historic Formula One,

Nick Padmore in Williams FW07 F1 car at Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

Nick Padmore flying up the hill to Druids

The Historic Sports Cars, Gentleman DriversPre-66 Touring Cars were joined now by the Endurance Legends for the first time. The incredible speed of these sleek ground hugging machines was an amazing sight!

Mini Cooper S at Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

I promised Liam Sullivan I’d get a track shot of him in the Mini Cooper S, after the problems he had on Test Day

Le Mans Endurance Legends during the Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

Peugeot LMP1 car leads the way up Pilgrims Rise in the Masters Historic Racing Endurance Legends race

Some great racing promised to be in store…& it didn’t disappoint. Nick Padmore as ever was absolutely flying in the Williams FW07. His car dramatically spitting flames as he lifted into the hairpin. There was some fantastic wheel to wheel scrapping to entertain the crowds over the weekend.

Theodore Formula one car smokes its tyres at Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

Lighting up the rears!!!

As ever I’m always looking for shots around the Pit Lane & Paddock. There are so many great images to be had at a racing circuit & not just on the track.

Grass covered tyres in Pit garage Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

This is what happens when you spin off onto the grass with hot sticky racing slicks!!!

Racing driver takes a break during Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

‘In the frame’ for another Class Win

young race fan sitting in F1 car Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

Living the dream… A young race fan gets his dream to sit in a Formula One car

Motor racing is dangerous & we were reminded of it in a most dramatic way. As I took the shot of Nick Padmore’s car spitting flames… I glanced down at the back of the camera to see if I had caught it this time. I was brought back to reality of the sound of a car going off in a big way. Katsu Kubota in the JPS Lotus had caught a wheel & been flicked into the air. I naturally fired off a few frames before realising it looked a nasty one

Crashed Formula One car at Brands Hatch Historic Festival 2018 by Ian Skelton Photography

A very lucky escape for Katsu Kubota in his JPS Lotus

As a photographer, these racing drivers become friends we say “Hello” to regularly in the Pit Lane. I can’t take photos of something like this & put my camera back over my shoulder. I then ran around the top of the bend to where another good friend Max had gone off in the same accident. By the time I got there the Marshalls were already attending to Katsu, who thankfully was ok… It was a sharp reminder that these older F1 cars don’t have all the safety designing that the modern cars of today have!!

Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

I have a little thing in my head, that I call a ‘Balcony Moment’. This is when you are sitting somewhere, on a hotel balcony with a cheeky glass of something cold. Looking at an amazing view, thinking “how on earth did I get here?!” Then you remember a moment back in time, a right place right time moment. In my case it was taking ‘a’ particular photo, that opened a doorway to an amazing journey. Those are my ‘balcony moments’…. & I was having one right now! My cheek pressed hard against the metal crash barrier Armco. Trying to get focus lock on, shooting through the gap as the Ex Niki Lauda Ferrari blasted into view. If you were standing next to me, even with ear plugs in, you would definitely have heard a slight giggle creep out…. “I’m only in the Tunnel, shooting the 2018 Monaco Historic Grand Prix!!?”

Ex Niki Lauda Ferrari during practice for the 2018 Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

I flew in to Nice Airport on Thursday morning. A waiting taxi whisked from there straight to the hotel (I’ll see about a helicopter next time!!) Dropped the camera gear & was off to the train station for the 10 minute ride into Monaco. After finding the Media Centre, signing on & picking up my Press Passes, it was time to walk this iconic circuit of all circuits.

The Start line seemed logical place to set off & I was soon at Saint Devote, swinging right I headed up the hill. Walking up the right side pavement, every so often stopping to look back down through the kinks of Beau Rivage. Camera location cut-outs in the crash fencing would provide some great views. Up to the crest & the fast left of Massenet leads straight in to the famous Casino Square. I imagined the cars braking before flashing right past the barrier & down towards Mirabeau

“I imagined the cars braking before flashing right past the barrier & down towards Mirabeau…” Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

A down hill straight leads to the right hander of Upper Mirabeau. From the pavement on the outside I could see it would provide a great view. The cars would swing through Mirabeau, brake hard into the tightest hairpin in Formula One. Renamed several times over the years, The Grand Hotel Hairpin or Fairmont Hairpin after the hotel. I remember it as being Loews Hairpin when I was younger. A short squirt of power would bring the car to the lower Mirabeau. A great view from above of the cars around these corners

Michael Lyons leaving 11s exiting the Fairmont Hairpin – Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

Another blip on the throttle & the cars would be at the tight right harder, Poitier. From here it was into that world famous Tunnel, swinging right as the daylight changed to artificial lighting. There was no way I was going to miss shooting in here!! Further round the right hander you could see the bright sunlight burning through the tunnel exit. What it must be like at 170mph in an F1 car as your eyes adjust from dark to light…amazing drivers!

It was then down the hill towards the braking point for the  ‘New chicane’. The cars would turn square Left – Right – Right – Left around the chicane before heading down the straight to Tabac. Inside the first left, down low on the tarmac gives a unique view of F1 cars & the boats in the harbour. One of the few place on a Grand Prix track where there are no barriers in front of photographers.

View towards Tabac during practice for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018 on Friday 11 May 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

Left at Tabac & the cars would immediately be at the most modern part of the circuit, The Swimming Pool complex chicane.  Exiting the left would then bring the cars along a long slight left to another iconic corner. Named after the bar on the inside of the hairpin right, La Rascasse. A wiggle from the rear end as the cars put the power down to pass the Pit Lane entrance on the right & to Anthony Noghes. Then it was going to be flat out along the Start/Finish straight again, a lap of just over 2 miles.

La Rascasse during practice for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

There was nothing else for it after 2 miles around Monaco Grand Prix Circuit in 25 degrees… A ‘Balcony Moment’ with a large cold beer at La Rascasse & pinch myself!!

Friday, Practice Day…. Saturday, Qualifying…

Thursday was a normal day (if there is such a thing) in Monaco, the roads were open to traffic. Friday morning had arrived & the roads were now closed. There was a crackle of excitement in the air. Engines revved, mechanics were going through final checks, trolley loads of tyres were making their way down the Pit lane.

Tyres arriving during practice for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018 on Friday 11 May 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

The Monaco Historic Grand Prix runs every 2 years & is a massive event in the Historic Racing calendar. I was so pleased to have been asked to go & cover the event for New Channel Media. Growing up watching motorsport on TV, the Monaco F1 Grand Prix was always ‘the’ race not to miss for me. This narrow street circuit has always produced incredible racing as the cars threaded their way around the 2 mile ribbon of tarmac. Here I now was having my ribcage rattled by the awesome noise of F1 cars from the 1950s to the 80s.

During practice for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

At so many race circuits I go to, even with my Media Pass I can still be a distance back from the track. Not in Monaco!! Such is the narrowness of the street circuit, as photographers we are right on top of the action.

Swimming Pool Chicane during practice for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

Max Smith-Hilliard in his Lotus 16 during practice for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

Monaco wouldn’t be Monaco without the sprinkling of famous racing drivers in attendance. Eddie Irvine, Mika Hakkinen, Jacky Ickx & Derek Bell were just a few to be seen driving a range of historic race cars throughout the weekend.

Mika showing Eddie how to Hashtag during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018

Jacky Ickx at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018 on Friday 11 May 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

Derek Bell at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2018 on Friday 11 May 2018. Photo: Ian Skelton Photography

Sunday… Race Day.

After 2 glorious days of Mediterranean sunshine, Sunday Race Day dawned grey & overcast. Rain was forecast & the clouds were already creeping down the mountains… it was a case of ‘When’, not ‘If’ the rain came!

This unfortunately wasn’t the only problem to effect the day’s activities. I decided to recce the route to the podium ready for the prize giving after each race. To check the route & also decide if I wanted to be shooting down from the track or from the Press Box position. Making my way behind the Pit Lane garages, I caught a toe on the metal grid walkway & tripped. I had my Nikon D810 with 24-70mm  set up on my left shoulder & the Nikon D4 with 70-200mm lens on my right shoulder. Try as I might to save the cameras, I went down like taken out by a sniper & smashed the D4 hard into the staging!!

2 mechanics saw me fall & helped me back up. Apart from the massive lump on my right knee the Nikon D4 had taken a huge impact & hadn’t survived. My ability to cover Race Day was now very compromised. I use 2 cameras all the time with a wide angle & long lens mounted. This way I can quickly react to the action as it happens. Now with only 1 camera working, I would have to decide what the shot was going to be at each location & fit the appropriate lens. My leg was getting stiffer by the minute & this made getting down to low angles very difficult… getting up again even harder!!

Then the rain came….& boy did it arrive!! This would make changing a lens tricky out on the side of the track. I really was down to choose the shot & stick to it, but the job was back on.

Rooster tails off the tyres as the Yardley McLaren leaves the Pit Lane

WET TYRE SAVING MODE – ACTIVATED!! The Token RJ02 jumps across the chicane kerb

At the end of long & tiring 5 days in Monaco all I can say is what an awesome experience. To shoot beautiful Historic F1 Grand Prix cars in such an iconic location has been a dream come true. Here’s to crossing everything I get an email land in my InBox inviting me to shoot it again in 2020.

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