Spa Summer Classic 2018

Spa Summer Classic 2018

The Spa Summer Classic 2018 is a great Classic Motor Racing Festival held at one of the popular race tracks in Europe. It attracts many visitors over the relaxed 3 day race weekend event.

This was my first time to the famous Spa-Francorchamp circuit in Belgium. I was looking forward to seeing the iconic hairpin right of La Source.

The flat-out bravery through probably the most famous corner, the Eau Rouge / Radillion combination. Where the exit is blind over a crest…. that takes some serious ‘cojones’ to keep the right foot to the floor through there!! To be fair the whole circuit is noteworthy & for that reason many Formula 1 drivers have ranked it among their very favorites.

Measuring nearly 4.5 miles in length, Spa is also one of the longest F1 race circuits in the current calender. It may be long but Spa is a fast track as well, with only two slow corners. The rest consisting of straights or long, sweeping bends makes it a real drivers circuit.

I was there to cover the Caterham Series for a photographer who had to drop out last minute. Part of my brief was to cover several locations on the circuit during each Caterham race. I can tell you now, watching on TV, you don’t realise the gradient between Raidillon & La Source. The fastest I ever did it was 7.5 minutes, with a brief few seconds shooting as the cars came back round & down the Old Pit Straight. The length of the track certainly helped give me time to change locations. Though by the time I had run up that hill, I’m not sure I was in a fit condition to squeeze the trigger!!!

Sadly I knew I would be unable to share those images. So, once my commitments were safely in the bag, I had a little to shoot one or two frames of the other races. Seemed a good time to have a little fun with Slow Shutterspeeds

for a small collection from The Spa Summer Classic 2018, I hope you like them!!!

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